How to Change Whatsapp to Dark Mode

How to Change Whatsapp to Dark Mode - WhatsApp has long been known to be preparing for dark mode.  Long awaited, this instant messaging service finally brings dark mode globally starting today.

 Dark mode on WhatsApp will give you a new experience with a fresh look.  Additionally, features are designed to reduce eye strain in low-light environments.

 In general, dark mode in most applications chooses a blend of pure black and white.  However, WhatsApp chooses a slightly different color than most of the applications out there.

 WhatsApp prefers special dark gray and bone white (off-white) colors.  The decision was taken because during the trial period, WhatsApp found the union of pure black and white can produce high contrast, resulting in eye fatigue.

 Now, the question is how to activate the dark mode feature on WhatsApp?  To activate dark mode, you need to update the WhatsApp application to a newer version.  Android 10 and iOS 13 users can activate dark mode easily through device settings.

 Meanwhile, as explained in WhatsApp's explanation to NewNews, Wednesday (4/3/2020), users of Android 9 and earlier versions can activate dark mode through WhatsApp Settings> Chat> Themes> choose Dark.

 To note, dark mode has been widely adopted by many applications.  For example Google.  Almost all of their service applications have adopted the dark mode feature.

 Dark mode is considered not only to reduce the tension in the eyes only.  Dark mode is also considered to have a positive impact on users' devices, where smartphone power can be more efficient.


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