How to Register and Place an Adnow

Welcome back to Friends Blog, This time I will discuss about how to put adnow ads on a blog website. We know that Adnow is getting here more and more bloggers are using it as an alternative to earning income from blogging hobbies, maybe because of the difficulty of being accepted  by adsense is one of the causes of many bloggers who are looking for alternative ad provider sites for example this adnow, but don't underestimate this ad provider network, because this adnow is quite high in CPM this can be made a good alternative, if you want to find income in the world  blogging.

 And for those of you who have already registered and accepted by Adnow, I will tell you how to place Adnow ads on blogs.

 First Option: When you register you are definitely directed to the widget section and you get a code / script, the code is what you use, more or less like this code:

 <div id = "SC_TBlock_556929" class = "SC_TBlock"> loading ... </div>

 <script type = "text / javascript">

 (sc_adv_out = window.sc_adv_out || []). push ({

 id: "556929",

 domain: ""



 <script type = "text / javascript" src = "//"> </script>

 You copy the code, then log in to your respective blog account and go to the layout click add widgets and select edit HTML paste your ad code and save each, you can set the location anywhere according to each taste.

 But if you think the above option is not right for you, you can choose the second option below, the choice below will make your ad under your post.

 The trick is first to log in to your adnow account, go to the widgets and copy your ad code, you will understand what I mean by this.

 Then you go to the theme and click edit HTML you find the code <data: post.body /> to make it easy to use ctrl + f.

 Put your adnow ad code under <data: post.body /> * Second / Third <data: post.body /> code (Don't "mobile ad")


 * Your ad code *

 Then the last step click save, and see the results on your blog all, if it hasn't appeared maybe you should move your adnow ad code on another <data: post.body />.

 That's all for this article, I hope that you can help you in installing adnow ad code on your blog, don't forget to share it on your social media account if it feels like this article can be useful for many people, Thank you and Regards Blogger!


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