How to Delete Traces on Google Maps

Google Maps is indeed very useful, but if it is not regulated wisely it can backfire because the navigation application turns out to automatically record wherever you go, complete with time.

 Your location and time of day data are important.  Maybe one time you want to reminisce, look again at places that were visited many years ago.

 But it is also important to remember, that keeping travel records - especially if it has become a routine - on Google's servers has its own risks.  If the data falls into the wrong hands, it can be used for negative things.

 Well, here is a way to delete your travel and location data on Google Maps, as well as a way to stop the application from stalking you:

  •  Open the Google Maps application in your Android or iOS device.

  •  Click menu - symbolized by three horizontal lines in the top left of the application

  •  Select the Your Timeline option

  •  Click the three dots in the right corner of the screen

  •  Select the Settings and privacy option

  •  Select the Automatically delete location history option (all of your location data will be deleted immediately)

  •  Change the settings from Keep until i delete manually to Keep for 18 months or Keep for 3 months

 For this last setting, choose the one that suits your needs: want to keep your tracks saved for 18 months or only three months before they are automatically deleted by Google Maps.


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